5 Objective Against Padmavati Which Looks Completely Unfair

Our nation nowadays confused on the different opinions related to the launch of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie Padmavati. But in our decision, we won’t take a step forward to oppose this issue which has no value.
The filmmakers of Padmavati insist that it is delightful captures the glory, dignity and tradition of Rajputs.

However, the lead activist of the Rajputs community Karni Sena and he is presently supporter of BJP named Lokendra Singh Kalvi opposes continuing that the movie claiming the movie distorts historical Rajput’s facts.
And, It is the reason for the postponed release of the movie.People’s protesting against movie without a fixed or guaranteed evidence.

Let’s find out the exact objections below:

1)  Padmavati dances publically

In Rajasthani tradition queens never dance in front of the public, but in the female quarters which is also known as Zenana. No male except the King is allowed to watch this dance and this is exactly how it showed in the film.

2) SRKS claims, Queen Padmavati considered as a deity and should not be glamorized.

Long ago, Jayasi glamourized Padmini in his epic poem and before that nobody really knows either she lived a fancy life as a queen or a simple one.

3) Sanjay Leela Bhansali may show different version to the audience and a different one to Censor board.

Protestors also claim this, But it is just an oppose the movie to avoid its release. Think for yourself,won’t it just call for another legal problem to Padmavati if considered this?

4) Rumoured the movie glamourizes Khilji

This is another objection which is taken for Khilji. We probably get real with our lives instead of whining about a nationwide ban on the movie.

5) Padmavati has a romantic sequence with Khilji in this movie

Protestors claim this and this is the one of the main reason for this objection being started. But a journalist like Rajat Sharma, after watching the movie have reported that there nothing like that type of scene and objection is just a rumour.

And after all this objection we seriously support the movie and filmmakers cause we know that it is just a rumour.

We hope we’ll get to see Padmavati in theatres soon!.

Image Source: Wittyfeed
Source: Wittyfeed

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