6 Famous Faces of Memes World , Lets Know About Them

There was a time when a person has to do a lot of hard work for fame. The fame did not get to anyone so easily. There was an only two way to became famous either newspapers or radio.
With the changing times, television took over the responsibility. Then the time changed and the golden era of the internet came. Well, doing some special or unique work can be done all over the place.
But the internet does not make sense to your work or name. Anyone here ever gets fame. After growing up like Memes (the modern way of fun), like a pimping mushroom, there is a hobby like showing your swag through trolls.
 At the same time, these Memes and Trolls often make an anonymous face so much that even though most young people do not know the Prime Minister of their country, but they know the faces of Memes Market really well.
Today we will remind you of some people, whom you have seen on the internet Memes

Red Girl of Olympic 2012 – London


This is the incident of the London Olympics held in 2012. Sushil Kumar was leading the Indian camp in Opening Ceremonies. During this time, a woman wearing a red jacket and blue jeans also appeared behind Sushil.

At that time it was said that how did an outsider get the opportunity to enter the parade with the Indian camp? However later it became clear that Madhura K Nagendra was a member of the dance group in the  Opening Ceremonies.

After this incident, there was a flood of her memes on the Internet. Look forward to their glimpse.

Madhura with Obama

Actually, this picture is not real. This is the magic of our Meme creator. You can see.

Like a Boss ‘Red Girl with Ben

If you have seen this Hollywood movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, then you have already identified the character  ‘Ben’. In this movie, people are scared of Ben, but our ‘Red Girl’ was also presented  ‘Like a Boss’ by the Meme creators.


Everyone knows this Child


Almost all the people who use the Internet will have faced this picture sometimes. This is Success Kid of Memes world. His popularity is not less than a cricket player. Let’s take a look at it too.

His attitude also like ‘Like a Boss’

This child’s real name is ‘Sammy‘. This picture was taken by Leni Griner in 2007. Leni also did not know that at the age of 11 months, Sammy would bring a storm on the Internet.

‘Success Kid’ now grown up

Five years later being viral, ‘successive kid’ looking like this. It is looking like virality flows in his blood, because of this picture of also viral in Memes world.


Helpless Woman of Memes World


This helpless woman of ‘Memes World’ is also very famous. She was popular by the name ‘First World Problem’, which is seen on our social media wall.

This photo was first used by BuzzFeed. After this, the Meme Creator uses this image in many memes.

Actual looks of Helpless Woman

The woman who was seen in that Meme is so hot in reality, you have not even thought that. Actually, this beautiful face is of Silvia Botany. Silvia, a resident of Italy and an actress and model by profession.

Also appeared in Movies

Apart from modeling, you can also watch Silvia in many movies. In the upcoming year, Silvia will appear in the film ‘The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer’.

Skumbag Steve


This face is also popular in Memes world. The popular Skumbag Steve mostly famous among the youth.

His Memes ruled the internet

The Memes which is known as Skumbag Steve roamed the Internet in a very short period. As famous as his ‘high face’, his ‘hat’ was also famous.

His real name is Black Boston

Yes, this is the person who was famously known as ‘Skumbag Steve’. What is interesting is that picture was taken by his mother which gonna viral, at that time Black was only 16 years old.

Now Black has become a child’s father and is engaged in making a career in the music world. You can see their YouTube page here.


Skeptical Baby is of Different Kinds

Another Viral Child from Meme world – Skeptical Baby. In case of fame, this baby gave the challenge to ‘Success Kid’. Perhaps the photographer was aware of the facial expressions of his face, ‘It is a viral boss.’ Let’s see his another meme.

This child will do explosion 

In this photo, this expression telling about the whole thing in itself.

This is that real image

This photo was taken by Jerod Knotten. In the picture, Dave appears with his beloved son (Skeptical Baby) Mason. No one thought that this picture would become the sweetheart of the Meme world.


The Legend

This is the Legend of the Meme world. God of the Meme World.The credit to take Meme to a different level goes to him.

That time, his Meme has given the impression of ‘Big Please’ on the tongue of children at one time,that was not possible with any other Meme.

Real Face of the Legend Meme

The face that appears on Legend Meme is of this person, whose name is Yao Ming. Ming is a former Chinese basketball player.
Although Ming is known for his basketball playing, by the favor of Meme creator upcoming generation will recognize him as a God of Meme world.
Image Source: Gyanchand
Source: Gyanchand
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